Saturday, February 4, 2012

When it Rains

I guess I'll never get used to being less in control.  But I'm learning to ride the rough seas a bit better.  Much less bailing that way. :)

My sister and I have been planning a spring trip since last summer.  The plan was to take 2-3 weeks, fire up the little motorhome and go west until we hit the Pacific ocean, just ride the back roads and enjoy the scenery.  I just found out that I have to have three surgeries: eyes, to correct Prednisone cataract issues; hands, for carpal tunnel release; cervical, for RA-related spinal cord compression.  *BIG SIGH*

I guess I could say when it rains it pours.  But for the first time in about three years, I have decided instead to say when it rains, look for puddles to play in!  Yes, it'll be a while before I can drive that motorhome west, but I am so grateful that I've finally learned to look for the positives once again.

My disease activity is the slowest it's been in the past three years, so recovery should be much easier.

I have excellent insurance, so even three surgeries won't cause financial doom.

The weather will be good this spring, the mildest it's been in several years, so I might be a bit housebound, but at least I can get outside.

I will feel so much better and be in much less pain when we take that postponed trip west.

I am so grateful that I have found peace with my life with RA.  It's such a pleasure to feel that I
have grown through this experience.  I've learned to live a daily life of gratitude for the gifts I have, gifts I had all along but didn't appreciate like I should have.

I know the disease will be back;  I know I will have bad days (weeks, months); but I finally know that
I've got this - I can do it.

Immeasurable thanks go to the RA community, and the people who take the time to share their wisdom, experience and empathy.  It never ceases to amaze me that some of my closest compadres in
this journey are people whose voices I've never heard, whose faces I've only seen in graphics.  I'm so glad I found you.

Now let's all go play in puddles and kick some RA ass.